Hire Me

Ready to make this a thing? Here’s how it’ll work.

We’ll schedule a brief call and get to know each other.  I’ll ask you about your business and what you want to achieve with your project.  You ask me all the questions you have.

We’ll then decide if we’re a fit, and if we want to work together.

If it’s a go, I’ll prepare a Statement of Work for you to review and approve.

And now it’s time to schedule your project – my wait list is currently about 6 weeks.

Here’s my approach:

Words matter, but that’s not where I start.  My process demands that I understand your business, your goals and your readers before I write – I’m not pulling words out of thin air, folks.

I start by asking many, many questions.  Questions about you, your business and your customers (and the people you want to be your customers).  This will take about an hour.

We’ll do this by phone or video conference. 

Then comes the research.  As part of my process I review customer surveys if you have them – if you don’t I can create one.  I’ll check out your competitors, conduct interviews, snoop in forums or online reviews, and do lots of digging to get the gold that will inform your copy.

I spend a lot of time on this part before I even think of writing a word.


Because I’m not your customer.  And neither are you.

My job is to find out who your customers are.
What problems they want to solve, what they say, and where they hang out.

And after all that digging, it’s time for strategy.

Are your customers ready to click?  Or do they need some wining and dining before they commit?  I help you figure this stuff out.

And then…

Yes, I write!  I write copy that resonates with people – your customers – and compels them to act.  Whether you want them to subscribe to your mailing list, buy your product, sign up for a trial or download your e-book.  Because now that the research is complete, I know exactly what to say and how to say it to drive the desired action.

Once I’ve finished writing – by our mutually agreed deadline – I present the copy. You then have the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback and discuss everything you want to know about your shiny new and effective copy.  I can then make any revisions based on our chat.  And voila!  You are now ready to launch.

But just a note.  If you want your copy to sound like somebody else’s.  Or if you get uncomfortable making bold statements.  Or if you only want to talk about your company instead of your customers, then we’re probably not a fit.



Let’s get to it.